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  • Revelation 21:10, 22-22:5
  • John 14:23-29
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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: June 8, 2017

1)    When was the Groundbreaking?
Easter Sunday, April 16 at 10:00 a.m.

2)    How long will construction last and when will it begin?
Construction will take approximately 15 months, weather-dependent, and will begin shortly after the groundbreaking.  The church staff and volunteers have been sorting stored items and moving offices since January; they expect to be in their relocated offices by the end of March.    

3)    How will construction affect parking?
The parking lot capacity will be reduced by about 50 percent. For Saturday and Sunday services, parking will overflow onto Franklin St., Melody Lane, and Main St.

4)    How should I access the church office?
The church office movec to the basement on March 24, 2017.  Until work begins on the main entrance off the parking lot, you will be able to access this office from the parking lot through the basement.  Once construction begins at the existing parking lot entrance, you can access the temporary church office through the doors at the southeast corner of the building (the left-hand entrance off the parking lot.)

5)    How will construction affect our food and youth ministries?
-    The community meal will still be held at least through September.  Options are being considered for serving meals after September.
-    Kindermusik will continue without interruption.
-    We will not host Vacation Bible School this summer.
-    There will be no on-site garden in 2017. 

6)    Will pick up for the preschool change?
Preschool families will only see a small change to their pickup and drop-off routines. The current preschool entrance will be revised the last week of March to allow for construction of the addition to the church. Bus drop-off and pickup will be on Franklin Street instead of Main Street during construction. Parents dropping off or picking up their children will still be able to use the church parking lot.

7)    How will Sunday School be impacted?
Sunday School will continue at the regularly scheduled times for the remainder of the spring until the break in May. Classrooms might be reoriented to accommodate construction.  Plans are being developed for classroom locations and schedules for Sunday school when it resumes next September.

8)    How will I enter the church? 
As construction progresses, watch for signs in the parking lot directing you to entrances.  Once work begins on the main entrance off the parking lot, you will be able to enter the church through the Main Street entrance or through the doors at the southeast corner of the church off the parking lot.  Work of rebuilding the steps to the Main Street entrance will be completed before any work begins on the main entrance from the parking lot. The elevator will remain in service throughout construction.

9)    How will this building project impact St. James budget?
In a March 18th congregational meeting, attendees voted to approve financing terms as recommended by the congregational council. St. James will borrow up to $2.1 million to construct the project. The amount borrowed will be converted to a 30-year fixed rate mortgage. There are plans to conduct a debt reduction campaign upon building project completion. The goal will be to pay off the loan early. The annual budget is expected to increase about 15 percent due to increased mortgage payments and operating costs.

10)    Who will be handling the construction?
Findorff will serve as the general contractor and construction manager on the project.  Engberg Anderson is the project architect.

Join us as we experience God's presence in this place as we carry out our mission to Receive, Grow, and Give.