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  • Zechariah 9:9-12
  • Psalm 145:8-14
  • Romans 7:15-25a
  • Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30
Sunday Morning Conversations

Mission Endowment Fund


What is the St. James Mission Endowment Fund?

The St. James Mission Endowment Fund exists soley to receive, hold, invest and reinvest funds for the benefit and maintenance of St. James Lutheran church, and of any and all the institutions and lines of work and activity conducted by St. James Lutheran Church.


How will the earnings from the Mission Endowment Fund be distributed?

The St. James Mission Endowment Fund is invested in the ELCA Endowment Fund Pooled Trust A, and is managed by professional investment managers.  Only "earnings" from the invested fund are eligible for distribution.  The St. James Mission Endowment fund distribution policy give the following guidelines for the distribution of funds:

A.  10% to 40% for receiving used for music in worship.

B.  0% to 40% for growing, used for funding a Seminary Intern from one of the Seminiaries of the ELCA to serve at St. James Lutheran church.

C.  20% to 60% for giving away, locally, nationally, and globally, including, but not limited to, grants to the ELCA for new congregation development, profesional leadership, educational ministries, global missions, ecumenism, evangelism, and social ministries.

D.  Up to 40% extraordinary programs/ministry initiatives within St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Decisions will be made each year by the Mission Endowment Team, the Board of Ministry and the Pastors using these guidelines.



What can be given?

  • Bequests
    a designation in one's will or trust

  • Life insurance proceeds
    either throught beneficiary designation or through a gift policy itself

  • Assignment of certificates of deposit

  • Transfers of property such as cash, stocks, bonds and real estate

  • Memorial gifts

  • Charitable gift annuity remainders

  • Charitable trust remainders

  • Beneficiary designation in an IRA or other retirement plan