Wedding Planning

Weddings at St. James are open to all couples whether members of St. James or not. Active members of St. James (those who worship regularly, are involved in the life of the congregation, and contribute financially) may reserve a wedding date at any time (up to 18 months in advance).

Non-active members and those who are not members may reserve the sanctuary not more than 6 months before their wedding with approval from a pastor and the Parish Administrator. We encourage you to worship at St. James at least two times before your wedding.

General wedding times at St. James are 11 am, 1 pm & 3 pm. on Saturdays. Exceptions can be made to these times only within six months of your wedding date if there are no other weddings or events scheduled. Saturday evening weddings (7:00 pm.) are also an option. We ask that no weddings be scheduled during Holy Week (the church has traditionally discouraged weddings during Lent). Note: the sanctuary needs to be cleared from 4:15 – 6:15 for the Saturday 5:00 p.m. worship, therefore 3:00 pm. weddings need to have pictures taken before the ceremony.

Reserving a date for your Wedding

To inquire about possible dates, please first contact the Parish Administrator at [email protected]. If a date is available, a tentative reservation will be made. The couple must next fill out and send in the Marriage Planning Information Form, you can print this from the link on the right, and contact a pastor to meet and discuss their wedding plans.

Once the pastor agrees to proceed, the couple and pastor will sign the “Marriage Covenant.” Finally, once non-refundable deposit (50% of the applicable wedding fee) has been made, then your date will be officially reserved.

Weddings are conducted by one of the St. James pastors. You may select one or a pastor will be assigned to you. Visiting pastors may serve as assisting ministers upon approval.

More Information

Print Guidelines for a Christian Wedding (.pdf)

Print Marriage Planning Form

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